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The plumber, heating/cooling contractor and to a lesser degree the electrician had their hands full trying to fit everything in our project.  The majority of the pipes fit into the wall behind the pantry / fridge / oven wall of the kitchen and the powder room.

2015-07-22 18.25.01

The contractors really worked to problem solve when framing our powder room.  If they had followed the plans exactly, the framing would have visually cut into the stained glass window in the living room.  They solved the problem by adding one step from the landing into the laundry room (and changing from two steps to one to access the new bedroom).  We were delighted as the ceiling in the powder room below is now about 8' instead of 7'6".  In these old houses, one  has to get creative as well as be flexible.


2015-06-29 17.46.37

Looking from the doorway to the laundry room into the new bedroom at the rear of the house

2015-06-29 17.47.42

Artwork found!  After removing the drywall from the former laundry room, we discovered that the house originally had a gabled roof (see angled white plaster over the doorway?) and likely a balcony.  Some "artist" put their personal touch on the little porch area with the flower.  Guess you never know what you'll find behind these old walls, right?



There are many reasons people renovate their homes.  Some need additional space, some want to update the finishes  while others want to improve traffic flow or need to address  problem areas.  Our project is all four of the above.  While I am jazzed about having a lovely room for my daughter and am giddy over having marble countertops and a bright cheery kitchen, perhaps the single thing that I am most excited about relates to solving the awkward hallway between the kitchen and living room where the powder room currently resides.

See in the before photo the two areas with highlighting.  The two walls which form the powder room create a walk space so narrow that the doors of the basement and powder room almost touch.

before floorplan

Looking from the kitchen into the living room with the doors closed

2015-07-06 17.57.492015-07-06 18.09.05

Look how cramped the hallway gets when the doors are open.  I for one will not miss traversing this space in the house.

The stairs behind the current powder room were narrow and steep.  There is another wider set close to the soon to be breakfast room, so these are a duplicate.  I am very much looking forward to their going away.

after floorplan first floor

In the plans, the new powder room is accessed by the former window opening in the old powder room.  It'll be fantastic to have a larger space between the kitchen and the living room.  The other impact from removing the extra set of steps is that it allows us to push the pantry, ovens and refrigerator back.  This extra space will give us a larger island and since I spend a majority of my time in the kitchen from this vantage point, I am really looking forward to having some additional counterspace.

I just love this part of a project!  Figuring out how to utilize space and create a better functioning home is at the heart of why I love my job.




We were blessed with great weather during the early stages of the construction.  The contractors were grateful for the dry conditions as they were working toward getting everything weather tight.


angle rear of house 6:21

roof 6:4 at rear

One thing that surprised me about the rear elevation was that in order to see the new roof line with the old gables on either side, one has to be a street behind my house.  The reality is that we live in an old historic neighborhood with small lots and with the depth of the addition, the old gables are simply not visible from my yard.

peering through trees 6:4

Peering between the trees, you can glimpse the addition next to the north gable.  It's pretty exciting to see the parapet walls (circa 1980) disappear in lieu of a substantial gable that will be covered in reclaimed clay tiles.

Looking through the door at the landing in the staircase, you can see down to the first floor family room.  This door will give way to a cased opening that will house our laundry room.  Since it will be visible from the front door, making it a showstopping view is a top priority.

6:15 looking through laundry window

6:15 opening in floor

With the door open, you can see the missing floor section between the door and the new bedroom for my daughter.  This missing area used to be the laundry room and it is located above the powder room.  Follow along next time to see how we made use of the awkward space in the hallway

5:28 dogs at entry

The contractor fashioned this little entry from the deck so they don't have to come through the house just yet...that day is coming and we so appreciate keeping the dust and noise at bay as long as possible.  Charlie and Lucy seem to know this is a hardhat area and keep watch from the opening!

Till next time!


There are a couple of phases of construction that command a great deal of excitement.  The two that come to mind for me are framing and drywall.  While an incredible number of things happen between those two stages of a project, both framing and drywall yield major visual impact.

Here are the beginning stages of our framing....

As you can see, the new family room is going to have a fabulous view of the pool  (and Charlie, the golden retriever) and our favorite swimmer!

framing 2

Inside the walls have taken shape and the second story floor has gone in.  With all of the angles and existing conditions, the architect has created a complicated framing plan to address the issues.  Note how the joists are going in different directions.

framing 3

For now, we can observe the addition without impacting our house.  This bank of windows in our breakfast room are going to become a cased opening to the new family room.  Our contractor, Terbrock Luxury Homebuilders, have taken great care to disrupt our family as little as possible during this stage of the project.  There will come a time in the not too distant future that we may be sharing morning coffee with a cadre of carpenters!

may reno

Speaking of morning coffee, it is always a good idea to show your appreciation for all of the hard work your contractors do by feeding them well.  Kolaches are a St Louis favorite (and my oldest son, Eric, is always willing to pick up snacks when he gets his egg and cheese breakfast treat).

More later and the dust gets cranking up around here...