About Laura Lee

Fresh Interiors.  Historic Perspective.
L2aura Lee Home specializes in historic homes.  We have extensive experience in designing and renovating homes with history.  By embracing the charm and unique character of your home, we creatively utilize space to meet the needs of your family.  Our work is fresh and we love infusing color in primarily neutral spaces.

The Money

“Decorating your home is expensive - it is an investment worth the time and money you will spend to create a home for your family.  I advise my clients on where they can stay conservative and where they will be glad they splurged. My financial background and experience with Pricewaterhouse Coopers helped me create the unique structure we use on all projects large and small.  We work to ensure that you enjoy the process every bit as much as the end result.”  - Laura
Laura lives in Clayton with her husband, John. They have three (almost!) grown children and two dogs, Charlie the Golden Retriever (needy and oh so sweet) and Lucy (the high maintenance shih~tzu).